Can we all agree that pricing can seriously suck?

When you get a new inquiry from a potential client in your inbox, your heart skips a beat, you do a happy dance, and then...immediately spiral into a tornado of anxiety and doubt.

How much should I quote? What amount can I charge that will make me happy but also won't spook the client? What if I quote something way off and everyone can tell I'm a total fraud?


Oh hi there! We see you and we totally know this feeling backwards and forwards. And we know how frustrating it can be to feel alone and insecure in this situation.

But imagine with us for a moment...

How freaking magical would it feel to NOT have to stress about pricing?

How much more creative and productive could you be if your throat didn’t immediately close up at the thought of having to send a quote to a client? How nice would it be to feel supported and totally confident when you send off that next estimate?

We’re on a mission to make that stress-free pricing dream a reality.

Price with Purpose


Featuring 25+ real-life pricing and negotiation case studies.

Learn to price your creative projects with real, no-fluff examples from other artists just like you.

prie with purpose mockup

What makes Price with Purpose different?

Real-world pricing situations are complicated.

There's no list of numbers we can give you that's going to fit perfectly for every project that comes your way. Every pricing scenario you face presents its own unique set of factors that you'll need to take into account—things like size of the client, your own professional experience, project timeline, usage requirements, and a whole host of other, unpredictable possibilities.

That's why we've decided to create a new type of pricing guide.

Price with Purpose is a collection of case studies of actual pricing scenarios faced by creatives just like you—so you can actually see and understand all the behind-the-scenes factors that other artists consider when they price their own work.

Once you understand the deeper motivations and patterns behind how other artists price, you can start to apply some of those things to your own pricing process.

And when we're all making better, more informed pricing decisions, everybody benefits.

Here's what you'll get...

  • The Price with Purpose Digital Guidebook

    A PDF guidebook featuring 25+ pricing case studies from a range of artists (letterers, illustrators, graphic designers, surface designers, etc...) and a range of projects (from book covers to murals, ad campaigns, packaging & more).

  • 3 In-Depth Video Lessons

    We're including an hour of video lessons that will walk you through our pricing strategies (including the step-by-step method we use for EVERY project), mindset shifts that will help boost your confidence, and tips for negotiating and presenting your quotes like a pro.

Price with Purpose will teach you...

  • How to respond to a client inquiry, step-by-step (the EXACT method we use to price every project)

  • All the factors that go into pricing creative projects and how they should affect your fees

  • Real numbers from real artists, plus the reasoning and context behind their pricing

  • How to negotiate with confidence and professionalism

  • Important pricing terms and concepts that will help protect you and your work and set all parties up for success

Meet the women behind the guide...

Who the heck are we?

We’re Katie Johnson & Ilana Griffo, two self-employed artists who have felt all the pains and fears and frustrations around pricing that you have.

We’ve spent many a day binge-eating chocolate in a cold sweat, worrying that the quote we sent last Monday was way too high and that’s obviously why we haven’t heard back. We’ve worked for wayyyy too little and resented everyone and everything during the process (except our pets—they are cute and it’s not their fault). We’ve single-handedly overwhelmed google’s servers with hours of fruitless searching for “HOW MUCH SHOULD I CHARGE FOR X?”

Like we’ve said...pricing can suck, and after years of freelancing, we know that INTIMATELY.

So...we decided that pricing could maybe not be so awful if we just opened up the topic for a more transparent conversation...which led us to send out an in-depth survey to a whole bunch of our art friends. We compiled their pricing experiences and advice along with our own in this guide, and there you have it!

We truly believe in sharing information with transparency. When we keep our prices hidden and our peers in the dark, we can't keep our standards high as an industry. The more we stick together and help each other, the more we all win.

And we like winning!
katie ilana headshot

“OMG. This course is packed with SO MUCH information in a totally digestible, thoughtful way—and it’s so beautifully designed. Pricing sucks and it’s so reassuring to have so many artists open up about their specific projects and experiences, and talk about what worked and what didn’t. Katie and Ilana know their stuff, and getting a peek into these real life pricing scenarios makes me confident (and excited) to charge what I’m worth in future projects. ”

Jessica Gunderson

Who is Price with Purpose for?

If you’re an artist who does lettering, illustration, graphic design, surface design, or work in a neighboring field, there’s TONS of valuable info in Price with Purpose for you.

We both consider ourselves to be letterers with a little bit of illustration and graphic design thrown in there. Because many artists (like us!) aren’t always focused on just one field, Price with Purpose surveys a wide range of people pricing for a variety of projects.

Our selection of case studies includes…

• Lettering for Packaging
• Book Jacket Design
• Digital Illustrations for a Website
• Brand Identity Design
• A Mural in an Office Space
• Licensed Art for Kitchen Products
• Pattern Design for Apparel
• Menu Design
• Lettering for a Global Ad Campaign
• And many more…

Plus, we share a bunch of helpful pricing strategies and information beyond the case studies that can be applied across all kinds of art.

Pricing should make you feel GOOD.

You should feel confident, comfortable, and excited to make money doing the work you love.

If you find yourself NOT in that place right now—maybe in more of a queasy, I-hate-everything-about-this place—it’s time to grab Price with Purpose and get out of the pricing funk.

With case studies from artists like...

“I was very happy with the amount we agreed upon.”

Pricing Illustrations for a Book—Peggy Dean (The Pigeon Letters)

“It's important to always provide details that allow the client to see the value of hiring you. ”

Pricing Surface Design for a Stationery Collection—Shannan McNab

“Square footage all the way!”

Pricing Storefront Window Art—Becca Courtice (The Happy Ever Crafter)


  • Is this an interactive course?

    Nope. Price with Purpose is a PDF guide and 3 accompanying video lessons that you can reference at your convenience, time and time again.

  • Is price with purpose a physical book?

    Nope! In order to keep our prices affordable and our already overflowing bookshelves *somewhat* less cluttered, Price with Purpose is a digital PDF that you can keep forever. You’ll also get access to our helpful video lessons where we talk even more in depth about pricing!

  • What if I don’t have any clients yet?

    No worries! If you plan to start booking clients in the future, you’re going to need to have a pricing structure in place. The more prepared you are, the better off you’ll be when it comes time to send your first quote!

“FAS-CIN-AT-ING. Love this guide. Designed so well, and the case studies are amazing. I'm raising all my prices tomorrow LOL. ”

Surface Pattern Designer

Elizabeth Silver

“First, taking online courses is not always accessible for those with a hearing loss but Ilana and Katie reassured me that their materials have closed captioning! 🙌

My freelance gigs are a side hustle and each lettering or craft project opportunity is unique which leaves me stressing on how to price my artwork accurately. I’ve always thought there should be more transparency in the way creatives price their work so your process doesn’t have a sticker shock to clients and is supported with a strong case. This dynamic duo has thoughtfully provided insight on methods, strategies and real-life negotiation scenarios. They instilled in me more confidence to get what I deserve next time and not sweat the small stuff.

Peer to peer, this educational, light-hearted course is power to your knowledge. You will no longer dread drafting your proposals and you'll want to set higher standards for yourself!”