Feeling a Little Lost?

Are you ready to start licensing your art, but you're feeling a bit overwhelmed? Have you caught yourself staring at a blank page wondering what the heck you should make?

We've been there too!

It's HARD to create a licensing portfolio, because YOU are in the driver's seat. How do you decide what you should create when you literally have all the options in the world? How do you know what buyers are looking for?

Stop wondering what to create for your portfolio.

We've already figured it out for you!


A strategic (and fun!) collection of 100 prompts to help you build a killer art licensing portfolio.

  • Thoughtful prompts designed to inspire smart work

    Our in-depth prompts are carefully curated to help you produce portfolio pieces that buyers will love. You'll come away with a portfolio that is practical for the real licensing world while still reflecting your personal style. Plus they're paced out so you don't get overwhelmed.

  • A community of like-minded peers

    Work on prompts simultaneously with your peers! Get access to our private facebook group full of artists who are working on the same prompts and working through the same problems.

  • Copywriting ideas & mood boards

    Every prompt comes with ideas for headlines (should you want to include copy), a moodboard, and a suggested color palette to get your wheels turning.

Preview the Prompts

Here's a glimpse at what the prompts will look like! We've based all the prompts around popular licensing categories & themes to make sure your portfolio is super sellable.


“I've been having SO much fun with the portfolio builder! It's exactly what I need to get me out of my comfort zone and creating new pieces!”


“As someone who actually does a lot better when there are restraints in place, this has been MAGICAL for me.”

@Erika Dillon

“Looking into the art licensing world is sooo intimidating, but it's a little less scary if someone is holding your hand.”


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Do you need help knowing how to get your portfolio out there in front of buyers? Need a hand understanding contracts and fees? Then our full e-course, Art Licensing Blueprint, might be best for you. It includes access to the entire Portfolio Builder, plus covers all this...

  • How art licensing for products works & how it's different from traditional freelancing

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  • Types of licensing agreements, legal terms, & artist contracts

  • Building a professional licensing portfolio that buyers will love

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