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    We're taking the FEAR out of business so you can start making money doing what you LOVE.


    Are you stuck in a day job you don't really like? Have you started a side-hustle that just isn't taking off? Are you overwhelmed and frustrated, feeling like you just don't know enough about business to go after your dream of working for yourself?

    We're here to get you over that hump and on your way to making money doing work you actually enjoy.

    Let's set aside all the fear and lack of business understanding that has held you back and replace it with confidence and a solid, actionable plan.

    How would your life be different if you loved going to work every day?

    Does that life feel really far off...maybe even impossible? We're here to tell you—it’s not. With the right roadmap, tools, and determination, building your dream job is way more achievable than you might think.

    We know firsthand, because we used to be sitting at desks in jobs we didn’t love either, picturing the day when we wouldn’t be counting down the hours until lunch, but not knowing when or if that time would ever come.

    Finally, something clicked and we both realized that WE were the ones in charge of our lives and our happiness, and it was up to US to make a move towards the vision we pictured for ourselves. We researched like crazy and soaked up every single thing we could about business, and we built our brands from the ground up.

    Now we're here to help you do the same, but this time, we've got a LOT more experience under our belts and we're going to share it all with YOU.

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    Let's build your dream job

    Art Meets Money is a first-of-its-kind course that not only teaches you how to hone in on a strategic business idea that’s built around your strengths and passions, but also how to craft an entire business plan that will leave you feeling confident about every step you need to take to bring your business idea to life.

    You'll learn how to find your winning business idea & create your business plan, plus...


    • Understand the different types of business structures, which you should choose, and how to set it up

    • Uncover the point of difference that sets you apart from the competition and learn how to talk about it

    • Learn how to provide real value for your customers that directly solves their problems

    • Market your brand authentically and with laser focus to the people who need it

    • Price your offerings so that they’re profitable and sustainable

    • Learn to manage your finances like a pro

    • Incorporate multiple income streams into your business model to make your income more consistent

    Here's what you're going to get:

    • Art Meets Money Video Course

      An incredibly in-depth video course (dripped over 5 weeks) that answers all your questions about business and helps you gain the confidence you need to start building your dream job.

    • Business Builder Workbook

      Our hands-on workbook is full of exercises, fill-in-the-blanks, and brainstorming tools to get your wheels turning and your ideas out of your head and into the world.

    • Weekly Live Discussions

      Every week for 4 weeks we’ll hop on a zoom call with all of our students to give you a chance to ask specific questions and get the answers you need in real time.

    Class Schedule

    We're choosing to drip the course content over 5 weeks to help you absorb and process the information. We'll have a live discussion at the end of each week which we'll record for those who can't make it. Once the content drips, it's available to you forever!

    While this course has some optional "live" components, it's totally up to you if you want to take it at your own pace.

    The schedule for the next course round (enrollment open 10/5/20) is:

    Oct 12 - Course Drop #1
    Oct 19 - Course Drop #2
    Oct 26 - Course Drop #3
    Nov 2 - Course Drop #4
    Nov 9 - Course Drop #5

    Course curriculum

    • 01


      • Welcome to Class

      • Workbook Download

    • 02

      How Artists Make Money

      • Freelance

      • Teaching

      • Physical Products

      • Digital Products

      • Art Licensing

      • Murals, Installations, & Live Art

      • Brand Partnerships & Promotions

    • 03

      Discovering Your Business Idea

      • Self Evaluation

      • Before the Jump

      • Brainstorming

      • Workshopping

      • Testing

    • 04

      Creating Your Business Plan

      • Naming Your Business

      • Customer Profile

      • Brand Foundation

      • Competitor Audit

      • Finances

      • Your Offering

      • Additional Income Streams

      • Marketing

      • Hiring & Outsourcing

      • Goals & Growth

      • Backup Plans

      • Action Items & Timeline

    • 05


      • Funding Your Business

      • Important Legal Stuff to Know (feat. attorney for creatives Alyce Zawacki)

      • Branding

      • Business Admin

      • Measuring & Analyzing

      • Final Words

    • 06

      Live Call Recordings from AMM Round 2 (Oct-Nov 2020)

      • Round 2 | Week 1 Live Call Recording

      • Round 2 | Week 2 Live Call Recording

      • Round 2 | Week 3 Live Call Recording

      • Round 2 | Week 4 Live Recording

    • 07

      Live Call Recordings from AMM Round 1 (Spring 2020)

      • Week 1 Live Call Recording

      • Week 2 Live Call Recording

      • Week 3 Live Call Recording

      • Week 4 Live Call Recording

    We want you to be 100% confident when you sign up for Art Meets Money.

    Our past students can testify that we love going above and beyond to make sure they’re getting as much value as possible. But, we totally understand how scary it can be to make financial investments, which is why we’re offering a full money back guarantee. Simply show that you’ve attempted to work through the workbook pages up to 30 days after the course content has dripped, and if you still don’t feel fully satisfied, we’ll send you a refund!

    The first 15 students get a printed copy of the workbook free!

    The workbook will be sent to everyone as a PDF to print at home, but we're sending 15 copies as an early bird bonus!

    Meet Your Instructors


    Ilana is a Mama, lettering artist, and the author of Mind Your Business, a workbook for creative entrepreneurs. After working on her own line of paper goods, she got requests to design for bigger brands, leading her into the world of art licensing. Now she spends her time designing for planners, stationery, apparel and more!

    Ilana Griffo

    Katie is a lettering artist with an affinity for ornamentation. She stumbled into art licensing after creating her own line of greeting cards that happened to catch the attention of other card companies. She has been happily designing cards, gift bags, totes, and many other products for brands ever since.

    Katie Johnson

    Is Art Meets Money for you?

    • You’re a visual artist such as an illustrator, letterer, designer, photographer, surface pattern designer, fiber artist, ceramicist, etc…

    • You're stuck in a day job or career path you don’t love, or you’ve started a business that just isn’t working out

    • You’re dreaming about working for yourself, but you don’t know how to make it happen

    • You’re driven and passionate about creating the life you want, and you’re not afraid to put in the work

    • The business side of things leaves you feeling overwhelmed and queasy

    What Students Are Saying

    “Katie and Ilana provided invaluable business guidance and a framework which allowed me to begin taking my freelance career seriously. Art Meets Money gave me the confidence to create a plan for my growth and long-term success. I clarified my offering, amped up my portfolio, and began getting all sorts of project inquiries!”


    Molly Russell

    “Ilana and Katie really helped launch my business, making it a reality instead of just a dream that would someday come. I honestly was pretty unsure how to go about starting my own business, but these ladies just helped me feel so prepared. They were so kind to answer all the questions I had (and there were a lot!).”


    Natalie Trinidad

    You have questions, we have answers...

    • When will I be able to access the materials and how is class structured?

      We’ll be dripping content once a week for four weeks to help you absorb and process the information as it builds. After all content is released, you’ll have access forever!

      The schedule is:
      May 18 - Course Drop #1
      May 25 - Course Drop #2
      June 1 - Course Drop #3
      June 8 - Course Drop #4

      Each week we'll also have a live discussion with our students. We'll coordinate on a time that works best, but don't worry—we'll make the replay available if you can't make it.

    • What if I have ZERO business knowledge or experience?

      No formal business education? No experience with business at all? No problem.

      In our course we start from zero and build up along the way to make sure we don't jump ahead of where anyone's at.

    • I live outside the US—will this information be relevant to me?

      Yep! The principles of business and concepts we’re teaching apply universally.

    • What if I just want to run my business on the side and keep my day job?

      Great! No problem. Having a regular paycheck coming in while you work on your biz is really smart. All the lessons we teach will help you set up your side-hustle to thrive, and you’ll be prepped and ready to go fully self-employed if and when you decide to make that jump.

    • Starting a business sounds expensive…

      It doesn’t have to be! We encourage students to create a business that works within their means and resources. TONS of great businesses begin with little to no financial investment up front, you just have to be strategic and a little creative (which we already know you are). Check out this book for several success stories about businesses that started with just $100!

    • I already have my own business—is this course right for me?

      This course is great if you're looking for a fresh start or new focus for your existing business. If you need more direction or a better understanding of business principles, this course will DEFINITELY help with that!