Do What You Love & Take Control Of Your Income

You’re driven, you’re putting in the time, and you’re making some serious progress honing your lettering skills and finding your voice as an artist. You’re doing all the right things.

But you’re not bringing in the money you deserve to be making from your craft.

Maybe the freelance gigs aren’t coming in as quickly as you’d like, or you’re having to work a day job that you’re not really enjoying to help pay your bills. You want to love the work you’re doing, but you also want more financial consistency, and you’re not quite sure if you can have both.

Yup — We Freakin' Get That.

We know from experience that stressing about money SUCKS, which is why we're extra excited to help you climb on out of that stress-hole and find more stability in your career.

The Power of Licensing

Licensing essentially means to "loan" your artwork to companies for use on products like greeting cards, gift bags, fabric, and more. This little–known industry has completely transformed our lettering businesses by allowing us to make the art we want to make, set our own schedules, see our art on products in stores nationwide, and create a more stable flow of income that continues to build over time.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Part One: Introduction to Licensing

    • Welcome

    • What is Art Licensing?

    • Fee Structures

    • Licensing Agreements

    • A quick note about "titles"

  • 02

    Part Two: Making Art That Sells

    • Creating a Portfolio

    • Copywriting

    • Design Specs

  • 03

    Part Three: Selling

    • Marketing Yourself

    • Finding & Contacting Buyers

    • Finding & Working With An Agent

    • Making Your Action Plan & Wrapping Up

    • Your Action Plan Worksheet

  • 04

    Bonus Materials!

    • Outreach Email Template (Editable)

    • Design Behind-the-Scenes

    • Trend Shopping

    • Creating Repeat Patterns In Adobe Illustrator

    • Creating Repeat Patterns in Adobe Photoshop

    • Pricing Cheat Sheet

    • Copyright Basics

    • Copyright Basics Captions

    • Resources

    • How to Build an Art Licensing Portfolio Webinar Replay

  • 05

    The Art Licensing Portfolio Builder

    • What is The Portfolio Builder?

    • The Art Licensing Portfolio Builder

  • 06

    Portfolio Review Replays

    • Art Licensing Design Self-Critique Criteria

    • 8.20.20 Portfolio Review Recording

    • 2.18.21 Portfolio Review Recording

    • 5.19.21 Portfolio Review Recording

    • 9.21 Professional Valentine's Day Prompt

    • 9.20.21 Portfolio Review Recording with Zoe Scharf

    • 12.14 Portfolio Review & Q&A

    • 3.7 Portfolio Review & Q&A

    • 9.6 Portfolio Review & Q&A

    • 12.5 Portfolio Review & Q&A


Two letterers are better than one

Ilana is a Mama, lettering artist, and the author of Mind Your Business, a workbook for creative entrepreneurs. After working on her own line of paper goods, she got requests to design for bigger brands, leading her into the world of art licensing. Now she spends her time designing for planners, stationery, apparel and more!


Two letterers are better than one

Katie is a lettering artist with an affinity for ornamentation. She stumbled into art licensing after creating her own line of greeting cards that happened to catch the attention of other card companies. She has been happily designing cards, gift bags, totes, and many other products for brands ever since.


We've combined our experience and expertise into a comprehensive 3-part class (plus a whole lotta awesome bonus content). We're sharing everything we wish we knew when we were starting out.

  • How art licensing for products works & how it's different from traditional freelancing

  • Pricing, negotiating, and understanding common fee structures

  • Types of licensing agreements, legal terms, & artist contracts

  • Building a professional licensing portfolio that buyers will love

  • How and where to market and sell your work


What people are saying

“I've been lettering and blogging as a creative business full-time for about six years now. I've been feeling burnout and wanting to shift my business so that I'm doing more of what I love most: creating lettering! I've dabbled in art licensing but had no idea how to make it a bigger piece of my business, so I decided to take Art Licensing for Letterers. IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! Ilana and Katie cover everything you need to know to build your portfolio and get your foot in the art licensing world as a lettering artist. I'm so thankful they created a course that's that shares the secrets of this industry. It is incredibly informative, encouraging, and will enable you to decide which art licensing path is right for you. I can't wait to get to work on my art licensing portfolio!”

Dawn Nicole (@bydawnnicole)

“WOWZERS. I've been lettering for a couple years now and have pretty much avoided art licensing (for fear of the unknown). This course broke it down, step-by-step, in ways that were super easy to understand. It makes so much sense. Why wouldn't you want to make even more money from the same artwork over and over again, especially when the average income from this alone is 20K? I love the idea of thinking of your portfolio as a menu for clients and will definitely be using that going forward. This has also inspired me to rethink my website. Don't skip the bonuses at the end! Pricing cheat sheet for the win!!”

Lisa Quine (@lisa_quine)

“HOLY SH*T! This course brought to light so many things I didn't even think to ask questions about! I've been lettering and freelancing for a few years now and I have always been fearful of licensing work (mainly because I have no idea what I'm doing and don't want clients to catch on). This course is so easy to follow along with, unpacking the nitty & gritty and giving advice that I have failed numerous times to find while googling. These girls were so generous with dishing out everything they have learned and I am forever grateful. Truly inspired to up my game!”

Kasi Turpin (@kayturp)


When you sign up for class, you'll also get the Art Licensing Portfolio Builder! The Builder includes 100 strategic (and fun) prompts to help you create a portfolio that buyers will LOVE. We'll guide you through the process of how and what to make so you'll never feel lost or alone.

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